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These are focused or specialized sites of particular interests. It includes some sites for users and some for collectors.


Galoots Progress

The route to the Front Porch for users and collectors of old tools, who talk about almost any kind of manual, water, or steam powered tool, but not those powered by electrickery.

Keith Rucker

Keith Rucker, who maintains several sites of interest to woodworkers, and old tool enthusiasts.

Jeff Greef

Jeff Greef, with furniture and home improvement project plans for the hobbyist woodworker and do-it-yourselfer. (See his author page on Amazon.)

Steve Johnson

Union Hill Antique Tools is pleased to present this web site dedicated to the use, preservation, and extension of antique tool knowledge. Here you will find many articles of interest if you like collecting antique tools. On this site, antique tools include any old tool that didn't require electricity and has some collectible tool value.

Brian Welch

Brian's workshop is concerned with tool makers of Central Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New England.



Nathan Lindsey, a collector of sawsets

Stanley Bench Planes

an expert on Stanley Bench Planes


an expert on scrapers


a maker of hammers

Antiques People

A valuable Antiques Information Resource Website, that include links to antique tools, particularly wood working tools, among a wide variety of other links. If somebody is out there selling or buying it, and it is antique, then there's probably a link to them.

Collector's Meetup

At the moment, MeetUp has a topic for "antique collectors", but nothing as specialized as antique tool collectors. However, if a few of us want to use this method, then we can add a topic. I know, between EAIA, MWTCA, and all the other get-together's, who needs another? Well, maybe you do. Think about it.

Adze to Coda

Lloyd Godman has developed Adze to Coda, a provocative and evocative site on what he calls the "archeology of device". It's an art project where tools are used in a different way, to make photograms. The text and images will make you think about tools in a new way.

In the object there is also something else, `a trace in matter of the activity of the immaterial' . The shape of the object represents the idea of an object's function, once known the two are inseparable. Adze to Coda

On Line Discussion

OldTools is a mailing list catering to the interests of old hand tool aficionados, both collectors and users. The list's charter states:

The purpose of this list is to provide an entertaining, not-quite-moderated, light-hearted, fun, jolly, happy, informative forum to discuss the history, usage, value, location, availability, collectibility, and restoration of traditional woodworking tools. The emphasis is on muscle-powered tools and techniques, though water-powered machinery (whether steam, or mill pond) is more than welcome.

OldTools is a very casual place-- The popular image is that of a back porch get-together. People come and go, swap stories, ask questions of the "old-timers", and just generally engage in polite discussion of the old tool topics of the day.

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